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You might think that your small local business cannot compete online. Luckily, we know otherwise!

Read below and discover why being a small local business is a MASSIVE advantage online!

How Small Local Businesses Can Easily Make Big Profits Online

Being a small, local business is NOT a disadvantage online. In fact. It’s the complete opposite.

I can often deliver jaw-dropping returns without gambling or second-guessing and I can usually guarantee results. Read on and discover how your small biz can get BIG results online.

  • If your business type and location fit with my model. My method will definitely work.

  • I use a proven and devastatingly effective method, to make eye-watering returns.

  • I can tell you in advance if my method will work for your business. I can lay everything out and show you exactly why it will work.

  • I can tell you how much it will cost. I can even estimate what it will return and as you will see below. The returns can be staggering.

  • Best of all. I can do all this for FREE and with very little information from you. If I’m not certain I can deliver the goods. I won’t take on your project.

Some local businesses are making a killing online. Stop thinking that yours can’t be one of them. It’s easy and the returns are often staggering.

For guaranteed results
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Take Your First Step Towards An Insanely Profitable Website

It’s super easy for me to find out if your business can make big money online. I need minimal information and the research that I do, is free! All you have to decide is: Is it worth it?

So Let’s Find Out Right Now

Is Your Business A Natural Winner?

I only need to do a few checks and I can tell you FOR CERTAIN if your business is ripe to make a killing. I just need to check:

  1. What shape your businesses existing online profile is in.
  2. A couple of basic details about your business. Business type and location.
  3. Your name and email address, so I can send you a report.

If you already have a website. Use the blue form on this page to get a free website audit and your personal cost and returns report.

No Website? No Problem.

If you don’t have a website. You just have to fill out a different form. Use the orange form to find out what kind of returns your business could be getting.

Most small businesses do not realise that they don’t have to compete with big businesses online. For that reason. Most don’t even try. That makes it easy for me and you to go in and clean up.

Already Have A Website?

That could be a massive head start! Want to know why? Fill out the form. Get a free audit in minutes. Relax and leave the rest to me :)

Get A Local Search Audit

You fill out the form. I’ll do the sums.

How Does It Work?

When you make an enquiry. I do some FREE research for you. If all goes well. Your business stands a very good chance, of being a type that can make jaw-dropping returns. I don’t stop there though. I don’t leave you relying on luck!

Next, I do some research to see how easy or hard it will be to beat your competitors. It’s usually very easy. With this information. I can work out the cost and potential returns.

I do all of the research for FREE because it so often turns out to be worth doing. I’m not exaggerating when I say the returns can be jaw-dropping.

To find out, once and for all, if your business is ripe to make a killing. Fill out one short form and leave everything else to me.

Questions? Call Steve on 01424 307 024

How Much Does A Digital Marketing Project Like This Cost?

As you would expect. This takes a lot of work and effort and it isn’t cheap! That’s where my model comes into its own.

  • The first priority for me is, to make your project pay for itself and quickly. Putting a lot of work in at the front end and establishing some local presence will quickly get the website paying its way.
  • The cost is spread out and it’s on a rolling contract. That puts you in complete control of your budget and the pace. You can pause or stop work at any time.

There is no limit to what you invest. It’s entirely up to you. It all depends on what you are making and how much more you want to make.

You will need to spend at least £1000, to get things off the ground. From there it can cost as little as £60 per month.

Steve Hippel - Web designer & Digital Marketer

Can I help you make a lot of money? I don’t know until I look but one thing is for certain. If you don’t ask. Neither of us will ever know.

Find out more about Local SEO and why it is so powerful, for small, local business.

We have been using Media Gem for several years now. They created and continue to manage both of our websites. Steve is efficient, helpful and always at the end of the phone to give help and advice. I would highly recommend Media Gem to anyone.

Over the years, Steve has become a personal friend as well as my main man for technical help and brain storming ideas. I would recommend Media Gem to anyone in business, without hesitation.

Steve took our old website and rebuilt it from scratch. We now have a website that is useful to our clients, easy to update and working for us. I would definitely recommend hearing what Steve has to say and what he has to offer.

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You Own Everything With Media Gem

It might not have crossed your mind but it’s really important that you own your domain and have complete control over your hosting. We offer domains,  top quality UK hosting and a great set of management tools to make it easy for our clients to manage everything from one place. Manage all of your services. Manage your billing and products. Get help if and when you need it. Do it all from one convenient place.

Media Gem puts you in total control and offers support with a range of quality products and services.

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