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Complete Guide To Local SEO

A quick but comprehensive guide to local SEO for small businesses. As well as the usual tactics that you get in most local SEO tutorials. Chase offers some great hacks and tricks to help you beat your competitors and clean up on this excellent free source of business.

By Chase Reiner

Search Engine Optimise Your Website For Free Using RankMath

A detailed video showing how to install, setup and use the Free RankMath SEO (Search engine optimisation plugin) to improve your position in the search results.

By WPCrafter.com WordPress For Non-Techies

How To Do Sales Copy Writing For Your Website

Another great video from expert Brian Dean. As always, you get a no fluff, clear and actionable set of great tips, tricks and formulas.

Subscribe to Brian’s channel and tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience on all things web marketing.

By Brian Dean

Dynamic Content Using Jet Engine

Want to create a fancy portfolio? How about a newsletter or a tutorial section (like this one). From a restaurant menu to a full-blown property rental website. Master Jet Engine and take your website building to the sky.

This video takes a look at the basics of Crocoblocks Jet Engine. This video shows how to create post types, meta fields and more.

By WPTuts

Build Your Own Website From Scratch

A great video to just relax and watch through before you start to build your own website.

Paul Charlton of WPTuts takes you through the entire process of building a website, from scratch, using Elementor Pro.

This video covers the basic steps involved in creating some site-wide (Header and Footer) elements of your website. It goes on to show how to make basic pages and templates while covering the use of sections, columns and widgets.

NOTE! As Media Gem websites come set up with a child theme already installed for you. You can skip the first 15 minutes and 31 seconds (if you so wish).

By WPTuts

The Basics Of Page Building With Elementor

A short introductory video by the creators of Elementor. In this video, you will learn the basic steps of building web pages with the Elementor, drag and drop page builder.

The video covers the basic setup of sections, columns and how to use the wide array of available widgets.

By Elementor