Local SEO Services For Small Business

Local SEO is often guaranteed to make you money. It’s low cost and delivers the best quality traffic a small business can get. Discover the devastating power of Media Gem’s local SEO strategy.

The first page of Google is the prime real estate of online marketing. Getting a small business there can be a lot easier than you think. The returns can be truly staggering.

Read on and discover if local SEO is a sure route to big returns for your small business.

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A Local Business Success Story?

Watch the video below and see what happens when you make regular small investments with Media Gem.

Let us worry about how you are going to afford a full-blown SEO package.

Many digital marketing companies offer SEO pages off the shelf. We do not recommend this type of package as a starting point. What you need is a realistic plan that makes your SEO campaign pay for itself. AND THEN SOME!

Getting a tailored plan will give you an affordable place to start and a solid foundation to build on. In most cases. We will start by getting your business some high search result positions in the local search results.

 Using our proven local SEO strategy. We can get your project off the ground and into profit from just £65 per month!

SEO Services For Local Businesses

Citation Submission Only Packages

The packages below are designed for small businesses that have big plans. If this is your first journey into the crazy world of search engine optimisation. Citation building is a very good place for a small, local business to get started.

For many small, local businesses. It is more cost effective to start with a small, tailored plan. If you are considering local SEO. We strongly recommend getting a free audit. We can then look at your business, your competitors and the potential returns. If the figures from our research are strong enough. We will guarantee your results!

10 NAP Pack

  • Setup Cost £165
  • Campaign Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 10 Citation Submissions

15 NAP Pack

  • Setup Cost £190
  • Campaign Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 15 Citation Submissions

25 NAP Pack

  • Setup Cost £235
  • Campaign Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 25 Citation Submissions

50 NAP Pack

  • Setup Cost £350
  • Campaign Creation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 50 Citation Submissions

Get A FREE Local Search Audit

With your website address and just a few basic details about your business. You can quickly find out how your business shapes up in local search. Get a 100% FREE audit, delivered to your mailbox in minutes.

It costs nothing to find out if your business can tap into a wealth of ongoing business leads, from local search.

Local SEO is nearly always, the fastest and easiest way to give your small business, a solid foothold online.

If you plan and execute a good strategy. It will cost less to get some momentum and quickly pay for itself.

At Media Gem. We know how to plan, create and execute SEO and digital marketing projects that fit with your budget. We can start your project slow and escalate it when it starts to generate results.

As for the results. The returns on investment are usually mind-blowing.

Don’t miss out because you are worried I might email you. Get an audit, get in touch and find out for sure if your business is ripe to make an easy killing?

Local SEO Costs And Returns

The best way to explain how I do it and why it’s worth it. Is to show you. Below is an example using a Dentist, based in Hastings, East Sussex. You can also see a detailed example for a builder here.

As shown in the image. The search term “Dentist Hastings” gets around 2 400 searches per month. When we tackle a project. We go after dozens of search terms. Here’s roughly what a dentist could get from being on page one. This is just from Google, using only local SEO and for just this one term.

The Numbers

The NON PAID listings, on the front page of Google get around 77% of all clicks. This includes the map listing, at around 33%. If we do our job correctly. The dentist should get a click-through rate of around 5 – 10%.

Because local search traffic is high quality. A properly thought out website should convert at around 10 – 20%.

Working on the lower figures of 5% click through and 10% conversion. Our dentist will get around 9 or 10 new clients per month. Many of these will become long term customers.

That’s just one search term, on one search engine and using very conservative figures. With dozens of search terms and good sales funnels. We can do a lot better than this.

SEO For Dentists
SEO Services For Small Business

Results That Speak For Themselves

5 Good Reasons To Try Local SEO?

  • More visitors to your website.

  • Better visibility locally. Builds your brand and name awareness in your area.

  • Less costly than a broad SEO campaign. Generally a higher percentage return on investment too.

  • Well targeted visitors. Local people that are looking for local products and services.

  • Less traffic needed to make regular sales because targeted visitors means better conversion rates.

Imagine what a small but regular flow of very well targeted traffic is doing for this local restaurant.

Search Results After SEO

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