Valeries Sandwich Shop

This is a single page website that links to an ordering system on a sub domain. The main sales page uses WordPress and the ordering system is on Butterware.

The philosophy behind using a single page is to make it easy to use and hard to avoid ending up on the menu-ordering system. Sales processes can take many forms but when someones hungry. Just show them nice food and make it damned easy to get their hands on some 🙂

At the time of writing, the owners are just starting to promote at a local level using social media, Google and a little help from yours truly along the way. An early push to promote the website should help to quickly secure a solid base of regular clients. Using WordPress means that the website can be rapidly changes, grown and developed. All types of website need to be promoted both online and offline but it’s even more important to also promote offline, when the website is such a large part of the business.