Gufetto Pizzas

Gufetto Pizzas Website

Created for a new pizza restaurant in Hastings. This website was built on WordPress using the Elementor Pro page builder. We used Jet Engine to create the menu structure, so that the owner can add, edit and delete menu items without having to worry about the effect on layout.

GJ Enterprises LTD

GJ Enterprises LTD Website

Built for a friend, this website is brand new and in the very early stages of it’s development. Watch this space to see the story unfold.

Fanflint Plastering

Fanflint Plastering Services

Built originally as a demo website. This website was featured in a video course showing small businesses how to do basic search engine optimisation. In 2019 the website was rebuilt for a local plastering company using WordPress, the Elementor Pro page builder and Jet Engine. The website still maintains good search rankings as a result […]

Sussex Energy Advisors

Sussex Energy Advisors Website

Built using the Avada WordPress theme, this website is now almost 100% managed by the owner. At the time of building the Avada theme did not have a visual page builder, so hats off to Stephen for learning and doing it all the old fashioned way. Well at least back then.

1066 Antiques & Collectables

1066 Antiques & Collectables Website

Built using WordPress and Woo-commerce, this online store was set up and handed to the client, so that he could manage his own products, stock and inventory. Our client now manages fine with very little intervention from us. This makes his operation very cost effective. Just what a small business needs.

Cream Hairdressing Salon

Cream Hairdressing Salon Website

Cream Hairdressing had a website but it was in need of updating to better suit the ever growing use of modern devices. We rebuilt the website using WordPress and Elementor Pro.  We then handed back a website that can easily be edited by our client and any designated staff. We provided a couple of hours […]

Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association

This website was rebuilt using WordPress, Elementor and Crocoblocks Jet Engine. Working with the committee members to build this lovely website was an absolute pleasure. With just a little training, the Ladies were editing pages and adding newsletters in no time. We all had great fun working together and I should add that Sue makes […]

Dale Saunders LTD

Dale Saunders LTD Website

Built on WordPress using the Avada premium WordPress theme. This is fairly typical of the type of setup that I use to kick a small business off. As always, the conventional way of doing websites was thrown out of the window and we started with an all out focus on doing business. I’m sworn to secrecy […]

Beeching Vehicle Sales LTD

Beeching Vehicle Sales LTD Website

Built on WordPress using the Automotive Car Dealership theme. A great example of why it makes so much sense for small businesses to use WordPress. All of the functionality that you see here is included with the surprisingly low cost theme. We haven’t even used all of the functionality because we didn’t need to. This is another […]

The Owl & Pussycat Lounge

The Owl & Pussycat Lounge Website

Built on WordPress, Using the Avada WordPress theme. This website was a real pleasure to create. I got to play with lots of toys when I built this one. Video, events calendar, booking form, mailing list, and more. Better still. The owners put themselves completely in my hands and let me get to work on some […]